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Are you looking for your own office space in an office hotel with room for all sorts of companies? We offer nice offices for rent – whether you are an entrepreneur or an established company that appreciates a strong office community – Voxevaerket is the solution for you.

  • Reasonable prices for renting an office
  • Non-committal – easy and manageable
  • Free booking of meeting spaces all over the country – without charge
  • Office opportunities after your needs – rent what you need
  • Good parking opportunities at all office hotels
Find your office and rent in with around 400 other companies
distributed at more than 23.000 square meter offices.
Available leases in Denmark

Voxevaerket is a different office community. We are inclusive to all; entrepreneurs, enterprising businesses, the well driven, the inexperienced – regardless of gender, age, education or ethnical background – who want a physical office space or address service.

We neither define it as rigid office hotel or an office community targeted for certain group. We believe in the strength of diversity, creative occupations, IT-oriented businesses, independent occupations – All are welcome.

Voxevaerket has a little bit of everything and despite of the strong prices on developmental progress with training, sales training, savings, we also offer personal as well as business-oriented development to all of the people that want this.

As a tenant in Voxevaerket, you will have access to all office hotels and thereby meeting spaces all over the country. If you stay at Voxevaerket Odense on the daily but wish to work or have a meeting in Taastrup or Charlottenlund, you simply book the meeting space online.

The prices vary depending on which office hotel you request an office in, and the size of the office. However, we work with fixed prices, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Opportunities in Voxevaerket

We work with four different office types:

  • Furnished office in an open environment
  • Closed office space with your own permanent space
  • Flex desk
  • Address service

When you rent an office with us – whether it is in an open office environment or in your own closed office space – you get the offer of having it furnished. We do this in order to ensure a streamlined look throughout the office hotels and especially: Because it makes it easier for you.

Prices for the open office spaces are always the same: 2.090 DKK per station (ex. valued-added tax and start-up fee). Here, you will work with other companies in an open space where the community thrives extraordinarily.

The closed office spaces you can rent can be furnished. Here, you can close your door and decorate however you wish. This is your own space for you and your colleagues.

Flex desk – For you on the go. A flex desk is intended the individual that does not need a permanent office space by the same table every time. It is intended for the individual that is looking for a open co-working office space a couple of times a week where you can stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee, open your laptop, and work for a couple of hours.

Address service is a solution for you and your company to acquire a professional business address. Choose one of the many Voxevaerker around Denmark and get a permit to use it as your new business address.

You can read a lot more about our prices of the different office spaces in Denmark right here.

Keep yourself updated with our news

Which offices are available? We work fast and therefore Voxevaerket is a very dynamic business whereby we cannot tell you exactly what is available. This will demand for us to update our website and this paragraph every day.

However, we have generated a news site where we try to uphold constant updates on new leases, new actions, new open hotel properties, and new meeting spaces. You can update yourself on our news here.

On the contrary, we are able to guide you if you contact us and ask any questions regarding the specific office space that you wish for.

You can either write an e-mail, fill out our contact form, or call us directly at + 45 70 70 70 41.

If you want to watch all of our videos of the office hotels, we have gathered them on our YouTube channel.

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