Do you need a nice place to stay?

A nice environment, good facilities and people around you?

Then we can guarantee you a nice office space after your needs. On this page you can contact us – no matter what you are looking for. Do you want to ask about prices, office sizes … or just need an address service, then you can contact us here today.

We guarantee you an answer on your request within 24 hours.

Henrik Oxe fra

Call, and have a chat with us on + 45 70 70 70 41.


    Henrik Oxe

    Sales director and Co-owner

    Marcus Oxe

    CEO and Co-Owner

    Eva L. Johannessen


    Lars Dissing

    Board Director

    Steen Gede

    Board Member

    Torkil Oxe

    Site manager, Charlottenlund

    Louisa Junge-Andersen

    Site manager, Charlottenlund


    Service manager, Øst


    Service manager, Vest

    Mads Molina

    Student Helper

    Mie Damgaard Krag

    Student Helper
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