• DKK 1.090,-
    per desk per month. ex vat
  • Drop-in oppurtunity from 9.00-17.00
  • Work from common areas
  • Including electriciy, wifi and coffee
  • Free parking
  • Sign and address in Voxevaerket
  • Strong supply deals
  • Free parking spaces
  • Clean common areas, snow plowing, and gardening.
  • DKK 2.090,-
    per person pr. month. ex vat
  • Your own desk in an open office space
  • Nice lunch options with other tenants.
  • Free meeting spaces in the whole country.
  • Coffee, electricity are included
  • Buy a print/scan solution
  • Strong supply deals
  • Free parking spaces
  • Clean common areas, snow plowing, and gardening.
  • from DKK 2.690,-
    /depends on location and squaremeters
  • Closed offices come in all sizes – let’s find you what you need.
  • Includes all consumptions – you only need to have your desks and furniture with you.
  • Free meeting spaces in the whole country.
  • Strong supply deals
  • Possibility for several addresses
  • Free parking spaces
  • Strong supply deals
  • Clean common areas, snow plowing, and gardening.

All prices are not including VAT and other start-up-fees. 


Get an office in the size you need.


Stay with other tenants that have their company at the same location as you.

Meeting facilities

Rent an office and get meeting spaces in the whole country without charge.


We have free parking for all of our office hotels.


You get lightning-fast internet included in your rent.


Casper Hallas, owner of Denti ApS

“Voxevaerket is a place for all companies, small and large. At Charlottenlund Stationsplads there is high ceilings and I love to come into the office and feel the good mood and mingle with the other tenants. If you have wishes or special needs, you can always talk to Henrik. Highly recommended.”

The price for an office

The prices are listed at the top of this page as starting from prices. But if you want an exact price on a given office you can always contact us. Often you will experience the office prices on one of the city sites where we made floor pans with price and size overviews. Here the floor plan offices are marked with green or red – depending on whether they are available or rented. The price for an office, or more offices, can be seen if you hover the mouse over the requested office.

The office prices are dependent on many different factors.

At the office prices depend primarily on location and size of the office.

We have some different categories that we try to differentiate by; closed offices, open office space, flex desk, and address service.

Is everything included?

We are very aware that our primary target group are businesses with 1-8 co-workers. Therefore, our office prices must display this but still highlight our competitive prices – something we wish to be known for.

There are small differences in each of the office hotels when it comes to what is included in the price. If you browse around the city sites, you can find exactly what is included in the price in the city you are looking for an office in.

However, the rent will always include electricity, water, heat, internet, cleaning of common areas, free use of meeting spaces in all Voxevaerker, and parking. Some office hotels have coffee included, maybe reception, or something entirely different.

How long is the binding period?

We don’t want to offer long binding periods. When you rent an office, you will from a starting point have 3 months termination.

If we have to tear down a wall between offices, or if there are other start-up fees that could occur as a specific amount, we usually go into a dialogue surrounding the period of which you cannot terminate your lease.

We have gathered a guide for you regarding which things you should consider when you are looking for offices.

Contact us today

As you have maybe understood, the office prices are very different, and we simply cannot give you a single answer.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us on e-mail here or call us on + 45 70 70 70 41.

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